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Dil Le Gayi Kudi singer Jasbir Jassi on his latest collab: I have always taught my sons Simbaa and Jerry to be humble


After making a household name of himself, Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi is set to introduce his sons Jerry and Simbaa to the world of the music industry. Known for his track Dil Le Gayi Kudi Gujarat Di, Jassi is happy to see his children grow in the same arena. “I always thought of going International and even tried a lot back in 2004,” he reminisces about his dream to train at Berklee College of Music in the US, a dream he now sees his son Sakaar fulfilling. “I wanted to get training from there, but I couldn’t. I thought that I will send Sakaar, mera sapna poora karega yeh. He went there after training for their audition in Delhi. Even my younger child Jerry has studied sound and music producing from Point Blank in London. Bahut zyada acha lagta hai yeh dekh ke.”

Jasbir Jassi and his sons Simbaa and Jerry
Jasbir Jassi and his sons Simbaa and Jerry

Even his younger son Jerry is following his footsteps now. “Even my younger child Jerry has studied sound and music producing from Point Blank in London. Bahut zyada acha lagta hai yeh dekh ke,” mentions the 54-year-old.

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Despite the generational gap he experienced with his own father, Jassi emphasises the importance of communication with his sons, stating, “Bahut zyada acha lagta hai yeh dekh ke. Music ab 2-3 maheene mai hi change horaha hai, pehle saalon lagjaate the. Now, we are working together and making tracks. Sometimes, I feel that I am more advanced than them. It makes me feel really happy that fresh and young minds collaborate with me.”

“There is a generational gap, I couldn’t talk to my dad my whole life due to that, but I am always there to talk to them as a father. There are clashes whenever there is a difference of opinion due to that, but I also understand modern and advance music, par yeh clash hona bhi chahiye, yeh zaruri hai learning ke liye,” the singer further adds.

For Simbaa and Jerry, the pressure to carry forward their father’s legacy is not about delivering hit songs but about embodying the essence of hard work and dedication. Simbaa shares, “When me and Jerry were kids, dad used to keep travelling between Delhi and Punjab. He used to come with nursery rhyming casettes with English ones for kids. So, he has always kept us influenced with that sound. Hume Global jaana hai, so there was not any pressure to make hit songs. But yes, there is a pressure to take the hardwork legacy forward. We are learning so much from him.”

Even Jerry agrees with his thought and adds, “Hits dene ka pressure kabhi bhi nahi tha. I keep going back to his old songs to learn and improve my work today. We watch him everyday doing Riyaas and working so hard, that’s the learning that we take. His work energy gives us motivation and right now we are in a wave of releasing back to back songs,” also sharing, “We just released a song called Psycho recently and we also have a song coming on the 19th.”

Ask if there are any upcoming collaborations of the father and sons together, and Simbaa answers, “We have done a song together, the three of us, which will release soon. Mere dad ne apne style ki writing and pop singing daali hai, I have sang in my style, and Jerry has produced it. That’s a collaboration that we are excited for people to listen to.” To which Jerry adds, “We have many things coming up. But, this is one of the songs that we loved working on. He gave his best, Sakaar put his flavour, so this will be an exciting one, for sure!”

Jassi also elaborates on the teachings he imbibes in his sons. “I have given very less time to them while growing up, but we still used to stay connected everyday. I used to try ki Kalaakaari ka rang inke upar na chadhe, I wanted them to stay grounded. Agar bachpan ya zindagi miss hojaaye, toh aapki kalaakaari ka koi fayda nahi hai,” he concludes.


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