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Grimes says sorry for glitchy Coachella set that was more ‘Oblivion’ than ‘Genesis’: ‘Forgive me’


The glitchy chaos that was a major turn-off during Grimes‘ highly anticipated Coachella set wasn’t part of the performance art. The musician known for her unique style and hands-on approach, blending sci-fi elements into her music, issued an apology to her fans due to severe technical failure in the middle of her set. The on-stage nightmare left her visibly frustrated and screaming.

Grimes issues apology on X handle for on-stage nightmare at Coachella, takes responsibility for technical issues(IG)
Grimes issues apology on X handle for on-stage nightmare at Coachella, takes responsibility for technical issues(IG)

Grimes Coachella set met with a technical mess

“I love Grimes’s music, and the pressure must be crazy to do a show like this – but her show at Coachella is the musician’s version of nightmares where your teeth fall out and everyone laughs.” A fan who happened to be at the Coachella Valley wrote on X following the performance.

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The singer-songwriter struggled with equipment issues throughout her set on Saturday. The first part of her set went off without a hitch, but in the second half, she had to explain and correct programming on the mixing desk. She even apologised to fans for the mess. During her set, she said, “All my tracks are double tempo and I can’t do the math. They’re borderline un-mixable, so the rest of my set won’t be mixes but it’ll still be fun.”

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Later on, festival-goers commented on how she tried to remain composed while dealing with the issues, but she was screaming out of frustration as nothing seemed to be working correctly and everything was a jumble.

Grimes apologises for chaotic Coachella set

Taking to her X handle (formerly Twitter), the Oblivion singer posted a lengthy reflection on what went wrong. She described having a bad feeling about the set after letting others prepare her equipment without running a check. “I want to apologize for the technical issues with the show tonight. I wanted to come back rly strong and usually I always handle every aspect of my show myself – to save time this was one of the first times I’ve outsourced essential things like rekordbox bpm’s and letting someone else organize the tracks on the sd card etc. I had a bad feeling beforehand not having run everything through the cdjs myself and tho I flagged it I wasn’t insistent.”

Stating that she learned a few big lessons: “if u want it done right, do it yrself,” “be a c— even if ppl feel bad,” and “probably pretend it’s fine and engage w the crowd rather than spend a whole show slumped over the desk trying to fix software when ur meant to be entertaining,” she vowed to personally organize things for her follow-up gig and asked fans to forgive her.

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More about Grimes

Grimes (real name: Claire Elise Boucher) is a Canadian singer-songwriter. In 2018, she publicly announced her relationship with billionaire Elon Musk. The pair dated for four long years. Both Musk and Grimes have filed for joint custody of their three children: X Æ A-Xii, Exa Dark Sideræl, and Tau Techno Mechanicus.


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