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Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick Relationship Timeline


Kyra Sedgwick doesn’t think she and husband Kevin Bacon look alike despite the fact that they’ve been together for decades.

Last month, Sedgwick, 58, and Bacon, 65, poked fun at the idea that longtime loves eventually start resembling each other in a cute Instagram video that showed them dancing in identical outfits.

But during an April 15 visit to TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, the former “Closer” star said she doesn’t see any physical similarities between herself and her husband.

“No, I don’t think we look alike,” said Sedgwick, noting that in her and Bacon’s video, “I literally was wearing his tank top and his jeans.”

She added, joking, “Which is a little scary, that I can fit into his tank top and his jeans, but never mind.”

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick attend the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar party dinner.
Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, seen here in March 2023, got married in 1988 and share two kids.Robert Smith / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Sedgwick, who currently stars in the new play “All of Me” in New York, tied the knot with the “Footloose” actor in 1988. The couple share two children: actor and musician Travis Bacon, 34, and actor Sosie Bacon, 32.

Read on to learn more about Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon’s relationship.

1987: Sparks fly when the couple meet while filming ‘Lemon Sky’

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick in the 1980s.
Bacon and Sedgwick’s relationship traces back to the ’80s.Vinnie Zuffante / Getty Images

It was Bacon who fell first for Sedgwick when the pair crossed paths in 1987 on the set of the PBS movie “Lemon Sky,” Sedgwick recalled during an August 2012 visit to “Conan.”

“I wasn’t really interested in hooking up or whatever it is that the kids say these days,” said Sedgwick, who recalled that Bacon kept inviting the whole cast out to dinner in the hopes, she later learned, of being able to spend time with Sedgwick, who never joined them.

Weeks into the shoot, Bacon suggested that Sedgwick get a massage at his hotel and then the two might grab dinner.

“And I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, sure, that’s not going to happen. I’m not going to tell him when my massage is,’” she recalled. To Sedgwick’s surprise, Bacon just happened to be finishing up a workout at the hotel’s gym when Sedgwick’s massage appointment was done.

“Years later, he told me he had actually called downstairs and asked when I was getting massaged, which is kind of creepy, but whatever,” she joked.

September 1988: The couple say ‘I do’

Several months after “Lemon Sky” aired on PBS, Sedgwick and Bacon tied the knot on Sept. 4, 1988.

June 1989: They welcome their first child, son Travis

The following year, the couple welcomed their first child, son Travis, who would grow up to be an actor and musician.

In March 2023, Bacon revealed that when he was a jittery new dad, he accidentally locked newborn Travis in a rental car at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

“We had rented a car and I don’t know, I was scattered. I wasn’t really thinking,” Bacon recalled during a visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“Pulled up to the valet at the hotel, jumped out of the car, slammed the door, car still running, keys in the car, windows up, baby still in the car,” he continued. “And my little guy was, I think, 4 days old at the time. So to say I lost my s— would be the understatement.”

A quick-thinking hotel valet was able to punch his way through one of the car’s windows to save Travis.

“I was like, ‘Wow, that’s some superhero stuff right there,’” recalled Bacon.

Sosie Bacon and Travis Bacon attend the Los Angeles screening of Paramount's "Smile" at Aero Theatre on Sept. 27, 2022, in Santa Monica, California.
Sosie Bacon and Travis Bacon pose at the Los Angeles screening of “Smile” at Aero Theatre on Sept. 27, 2022, in Santa Monica, California. Amy Sussman / Getty Images

March 1992: The couple’s second child, daughter Sosie, arrives

Less than three years after Travis arrived, the couple expanded their family when they welcomed daughter Sosie.

Like her parents and her older brother, Sosie has also become an actor, notably appearing in the HBO crime drama “Mare of Easttown” and the 2022 horror movie “Smile.”

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick on "Losing Chase" set.
Bacon directs Sedgwick on the set of the 1996 movie “Losing Chase.”Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

January 2018: Sedgwick reveals that she, Bacon and their kids all have matching tattoos

Sedgwick revealed during a January 2018 visit to “The Late Late Show” that her entire family sports matching tattoos.

The tattoos happened on a lark, the “Singles” star explained.

“We were on our way to dinner one night and I said, ‘Let’s all get really drunk and get tattoos!’” she recalled, adding, “It was a total bad joke.”

But Bacon got right to work sketching an abstract design that has special meaning to all four family members.

“A couple of years later, we all got our tattoos,” Sedgwick said. “We have a family tattoo with all of our initials on it.”

September 2018: The couple mark their 30th anniversary with a Bee Gees duet

In September 2018, Bacon and Sedgwick showed off their musical chops when they teamed up for a duet of the Bee Gees’ 1967 ballad “To Love Somebody” in honor of their 30th wedding anniversary.

Bacon tweeted a video of the couple’s rendition, gushing in his caption that Sedgwick was “the woman of my dreams and the music in my life.”

May 2020: Sedgwick says the secret to the couple’s marriage is luck

Speaking to People in May 2020, Sedgwick said she and Bacon are tired of so many people asking them for marriage advice.

“I joke that the secret to a successful marriage is to not take marriage advice from celebrities,” she said.

She added, “I guess if I had to think too much about (our marriage), that would probably not be a good thing. We just got lucky. I honestly believe that’s truth.”

Still, Sedgwick said she felt that any relationship benefits when both partners have a feeling of “wholeness” on their own.

“I do believe this: That thing people do, ‘If only I had this, if only I had that…’ There has to be some piece of wholeness that is within yourself before you can let somebody love you the way that you need to be loved,” she explained.

September 2023: They celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary by taking a walk together

The couple toasted their 35 years of matrimony in September 2023 without gifts. Instead, they opted to spend time with their two kids and the kids’ respective partners, something Bacon said meant more to them than anything else.

“We had the greatest time. We love to spend time as a family. So, that was a great gift to both of us, to have to have everybody with us,” Bacon told

Bacon added that he and Sedgwick also took a walk together in honor of their special day, which was only marred by Bacon’s new shoes.

“I gave myself a blister,” he explained. “Then, we got home and she put a Band-Aid on.”


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