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Hailey Bieber Is Making Pink Pearl Nails a Thing for Spring 2024


Hailey Bieber is pretty much synonymous with frosty, pearlescent manicures at this point. Glazed-donut skin and nails are a signature part of her aesthetic from head to toe, and it’s fun to see how she tweaks the formula from season to season, like “mirror glaze” nails and glazed-donut nails version 2.0, which she’s been wearing for much of 2024.

However, for a brief moment in March, Bieber deviated from the usual sheer glaze in favor of a pretty baby pink that made her nails look more like pearls and less like, well, pieces of keratin protein that grow on your hands.

Bieber’s skin care brand, Rhode, shared a photo dump of its favorite moments from March, and the cover image immediately caught my eye. There were the glazed nails in all their glory, but these were the sheerest, prettiest blush pink shade—a color that exactly matched the one on Bieber’s cheeks and lips.

That was probably not a coincidence, given that Bieber and Rhode have been teasing a forthcoming cream blush for weeks. The pink in question isn’t a vivid bright fuchsia or an opaque pastel but rather a light, delicate wash of rosy color topped with Bieber’s favorite chrome powder. (OPI’s Tin Man Can chrome powder is her go-to, so ask for it the next time you’re at the salon.) Do they not look like pink pearls—arguably the prettiest of all the pearls?

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Hailey Bieber went for a full-on monochromatic moment with her nails and makeup (and her shirt), wearing a concentrated pastel pink cream blush all over the apples of her cheeks and over the bridge of her nose for an “I sat outside in the sun all day” flush and a more subtle touch of the same color on her lips. Our Barbiecore days may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a place for pink in your glam routine, especially when it’s as pretty and precious as this pearly shade.


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