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Hannah Waddingham Calls Out Misogynistic Photographer At Oliviers


“He has always told me to speak my mind, even when one of his friends made a slightly inappropriate comment to me when I was 12 years old. I called him out on it, and my dad heard it and he said to his friend: ‘Well, that’s made you look stupid, hasn’t it?’ To his own friend! I could see my dad giving him a steely glare. I thought: ‘My dad’s got my back,’” Hannah recalled.

“I think it’s important that when you see someone behaving badly, you call them out and batter them over the head with it,” Hannah added. “I had an incident fairly recently where I heard a sound guy on set say something that I didn’t like to someone, so I said, down my microphone in front of everyone: ‘Do you want to repeat that?’” 

“And then I repeated what he had said to the person,” she continued. “He started trying to fluff the situation, so I said: ‘No, if you are going to be the big man, come and say it on this microphone.’ They marched him out of the place before he’d even started the gig, and the producers bought the person that he’d been rude to a bottle of Champagne with his wages for the night.”


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