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Julianne Moore’s Daughter Looks Like The Actor’s Twin In Birthday Instagram Post


Julianna Moore is celebrating her lookalike daughter Liv Freundlich’s 22nd birthday.

The Oscar winner, 63, posted several pics of Liv from over the years on Instagram April 8, and let her know how much she loved her in the caption.

“Happy 22nd birthday @livfreundlich — you are not little anymore but you will always be my baby. I love you so much — thank you for being the daughter of my dreams,” the actor wrote.

“I am so looking forward to all this year will bring you,” Moore added, along with a row of star emoji.

Moore also honored her daughter, who shares her red hair and freckles, when she posted a pic of her on National Daughter Day in September 2023.

“Little late for #nationaldaughtersday but never not thinking of her. Love you @livfreundlich (look at your little self in the photo behind you),” she wrote, noting a throwback photo of Liv in the background behind her.

Moore’s fans couldn’t get over the resemblance between mother and daughter.

“Beautiful, and so like her mother,” one wrote.

“Doppelgänger!!!!!” wrote another.

“You accidentally posted a picture of yourself…oh, wait,” joked someone else.

The “May December” star shares Liv and son Caleb, 26, with her husband, director Bart Freundlich.

In 2022, Moore and her daughter opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about their admiration for one another.

“She’s spectacularly poised,” Moore gushed about her younger child. “I’ve been bragging about Liv since the day she was born, and I’m so impressed by how well she navigates the world and how mature she is.”

For her part, Liv said she admired how “driven” Moore is.

“She always has a clear idea of what she wants to accomplish—choosing (roles) she is passionate about— and she never lets go of that,” said Liv, adding, “My mom does what she wants to do and doesn’t really care what other people think.”

Liv added that her mom was also just plain fun.

“She dances a lot in public, and she does it on purpose to embarrass me,” she said. “I’m like, you’re embarrassing me, stop. But it never fails to make me laugh.”


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