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Letters: Bidding farewell to Caitlin Clark, NCAA tournaments


South Carolina is an amazing undefeated national championship team. The NCAA not awarding Most Outstanding Player in the tournament to Caitlin Clark is a travesty. It was a noble gesture by coach Dawn Staley to recognize Clark as a “GOAT of our sport” in her postgame interview.

Brad Kearns
Stateline, Nev.


Obviously, South Carolina was too big, too deep, and too well-coached for even the great Caitlin Clark to overcome.

After an impressive 18-point first quarter, she virtually disappeared with only 12 points for the rest of the game. And, in the closing minutes, the Hawkeyes were only six points down and in striking distance of a miraculous comeback. But, instead of Clark putting her team on her back and taking them home, she all but sealed the victory for South Carolina with several turnovers and blown layups.

While she may indeed be the projected “Steph Curry“ of the WNBA, that was not a GOAT-like performance in her final college game.

Rick Solomon
Lake Balboa


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