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Off-duty S.C. cop charged in fatal shooting of driver fleeing from fight


An off-duty Summerville Police Department officer has been charged after the murder of a 39-year-old man in South Carolina after authorities say he fired shots following a confrontation with the victim.

On March 20, Anthony DeLustro, 64, allegedly got into a confrontation with Michael O’Neal, 39, at a Chick-fil-A parking lot on 1312 North Main Street, according to a press release from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

Police said DeLustro and O’Neal’s verbal confrontation escalated to blows between the two. DeLustro was described by eyewitnesses as the “primary aggressor,” as bystanders attempted to separate the men.

The warrant said DeLustro would go on to break free from restraint, and threaten to kill O’Neal if he fled the scene after eyewitnesses claimed to hear O’Neal say he wanted to leave the situation.

“Evidence then showed that the victim then disengaged and retreated from the physical altercation with Anthony DeLustro and returned to his vehicle,” the warrant read. “As the victim began to drive away, Anthony DeLustro, while still partially seated in the passenger seat of the victim’s vehicle, fired a single shot from his handgun. Michael O’Neal was shot and killed at the scene.”

WCSC obtained a statement from DeLustro where plead for leniency during an April 10 court appearance.

“My entire life was public service. I never did anything wrong, I never had one substantiated complaint in the 35 years I’ve been in law enforcement,” DeLustro proclaimed. “I just ask you for mercy so I can help my wife with the girls while we go through this.”

Michael O’Neal’s family has since launched a GoFundMe page, and raised more than $26,000. The page says O’Neal was the son of a police officer.


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