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Taylor Swift drops symbolic The Tortured Poets Department lyric tease on Eclipse Day


Taylor Swift is not only a pop queen, but also a marketing queen. Holding on to the perfect lyric tease for the April 8 Eclipse Day, the 14-time Grammy winner updated her Instagram story minutes before the spellbinding spectacle traversed North America on Monday.

Taylor Swift drops the perfect TTPD lyric teases on Eclipse Day.(AFP)
Taylor Swift drops the perfect TTPD lyric teases on Eclipse Day.(AFP)

Whilst celebrating the unforgettable Solar eclipse of April 8, a cyclic moment that won’t greet the US again until 2045, Swift served a taste of what’s to come in her April 19 album. Fans awaiting the epic reveal of her eleventh studio album went wild upon relishing the sweetness of the lyric reveal.

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Taylor Swift drops the ultimate TTPD lyric tease on Eclipse Day

Her Instagram story, tagging the link to her album’s pre-order options, tapped a poignant vintage look. A type-writer, pushing the album’s already presented monochrome, sombre aesthetics, typed out the following lyrics:

“Crowd goes wild at her fingertips

Half moonshine,

Full eclipse”

Taylor Swift's TTPD lyric reveal on Eclipse Day.
Taylor Swift’s TTPD lyric reveal on Eclipse Day.

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Fans react to Taylor Swift’s lyrics tease

Swifties quickly drove their attention to their beloved artist and lauded her “iconic” marketing move.

“Mother set this eclipse upp OMGG,” commented one of her fans on X (formerly Twitter). Another one praised her thoughtful gesture to go all out on the day of the April 8 eclipse: “ Her teasing these lyrics on the day of the eclipse 😭.”

Several comments rolled, commending the “marketing Queen” or “marketing genius.” A fourth Swiftie lightheartedly joked: “she actually organized the entire eclipse just so she could tease these lyrics. her power!”

And a variety of comments echoing the same sentiment kept pouring into the sea of emotions, including “not literal celestial bodies alligning for her promo,” “she controls the universe confirmed,” “the eclipse was TTPD promo all along.”

An emotional fan burst out further with another impassioned response: “A their the fact that today is an eclipse day AND 11 days before TTPD. april 19 is such a perfect day for so many reasons, this is a new one😭 we go on and on about her planning, but how is the universe always on her side.”

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The Tortured Poets Department album comes out on April 19. Taylor revealed four different variants for her 2024 record. Each announcement came along with a brief peek into some new lyrics. They are listed as follows:

  • The Manuscript: “I Love You, It’s Ruining My Life”
  • The Bolter: “You Don’t Get to Tell Me About Sad”
  • The Albatross: “Am I Allowed to Cry”
  • The Black Dog: “Old Habits Die Screaming”

On top of that, her foremost album title revelation on social media lent her fans a look at what are also presumably her song lyrics:

And so I enter into evidence My tarnished coat of arms My muses, acquired like bruises My talismans and charms The tick, tick, tick of love bombs My veins of pitch black ink … All’s fair in love and poetry


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