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Who is Morgan Wallen’s Ex-girlfriend, KT Smith?


KT Smith is having a big year already, from growing her following as a social media influencer to getting engaged.

Smith showed off her marriage certificate with Luke Scornavacco in an April 3 joint Instagram post. They announced their engagement two days prior. Smith went public with their relationship in a June 2023 post.

Wallen and Smith co-parent their son, Indigo Wilder, as they split in 2019 after three years of dating.

Smith said in a 2021 post to her blog, “Thot Thoughts,” that Indigo is the center of her and Wallen’s life.

“Indie is the biggest part of our lives and has made both of us grow tremendously,” she said.

Keep reading for more about Smith’s previous relationship with Wallen and her current relationship with Scornavacco.

Do Morgan Wallen and KT Smith have kids

Yes, the two share one son, Indigo Wilder. He was born July, 10 2020.

Smith has credited her pregnancy with saving her life.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I went to the doctor, and she told me I had cervical cancer,” Smith wrote in another 2021 post to her blog.

KT Smith with Luke Scornavacco and her son
KT Smith with Luke Scornavacco and her son@jombo_imkt via Instagram

“If I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant with Indie- there is no telling how long I would’ve waited to go to the doctor,” she added.

“I told y’all he saved me in many ways. After I delivered, I had a surgery to remove all the cancerous cells.”

Are Morgan Wallen and KT Smith still together

The former couple welcomed Indigo after they’d already broken up, Smith said in her blog post.

Wallen and Smith first met over Snapchat, Smith said in the post. After getting engaged a few months later, the relationship began to decline, partly because Wallen “wasn’t the most faithful,” she wrote.

“We started talking on Snapchat (LOL) and hung out very often, started dating- and then got engaged within a few months. We broke off the engagement but still dated consistently for about two years, living with one another for about three- but that third year was rocky,” she said.

She added that the transition to co-parenting was difficult for her.

Smith and Scornavacco
Smith and Scornavacco@jombo_imkt and
@lukescornavacco via Instagram

“Coparenting with Morgan at the beginning was extremely difficult because it was very new to both of us and I was still bitter towards him,” she said. “After time passed and Indie became my life, I felt truly healed. He turned my life from going out and keeping myself distracted, to being a full time mom. That time with him brought all the healing I needed.”

Now, Smith sees co-parenting as one of the best things for her son.

“We can be a family without being together,” she wrote. “We can co-parent our wonderful little boy and raise him up to be amazing without being together. We can stick up for one another without being in love.”

Who is KT Smith dating now?

KT Smith obtained a marriage certificate with Scornavacco and posted it to Instagram April 3.

Scornavacco is a digital content creator and Smith is a full-time mom and social media influencer.

“When dreams turned to reality,” Smith captioned the proposal video she posted.


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