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WWE Announcer Calls Jason Kelce Taylor Swift’s ‘Brother-in-law’


Jason Kelce unexpectedly entered the ring during WWE WrestleMania 40 over the weekend — but his appearance wasn’t the only surprise of the night.

On April 6, Rey Mysterio and Andrade had a match against Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar, and fans got the ultimate surprise when two masked men got into the ring to help Rey Mysterio and Andrade reach victory. After the match, the Philadelphia Eagles center and his teammate, offensive tackle Lane Johnson, removed their masks and reveal their identities.

Shortly after Jason Kelce made himself known in the ring, WWE announcer Corey Graves jokingly called him Taylor Swift’s “brother-in-law.”

“Isn’t that what’s-her-name’s brother-in-law?” Graves asked sports analyst Pat McAfee, who then broke out into song.

“Are you feeling 22?” McAfee sang, giving a nod to Swift’s 2012 song “22.”

“Is that what you’re talking about? ‘Cardigan,’ yeah, that’s family,” he continued, referencing another one of Swift’s songs. He then talked about Jason Kelce’s “New Heights” podcast that he co-hosts with his brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

“The number one sports podcast on Earth, too. And a legend, both of them,” he said.

Travis Kelce has been dating since at least September 2023, when Swift went to her first Chiefs game to cheer him on, and the pair’s romance has drawn a lot of attention from fans ever since.

In December 2023, NFL announcer Tony Romo made headlines when he called Swift Travis Kelce’s “wife” during the Kansas City Chiefs’ match against the Buffalo Bills, making Swifties go into a frenzy.

Romo quickly apologized and said, “Err, I’m sorry, girlfriend,” and his co-host Jim Nantz replied, “Not yet.”

After the initial slip-up, Romo called the singer Travis Kelce’s “wife” again while commentating the Kansas City Chiefs’ Christmas game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

During a Feb. 1 conference call, Romo said that he was joking during both incidents, linking it back to his personal experience when he had a high-profile relationship with Jessica Simpson while he was the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

“Someone did that to me back in the day and they’re like, ‘And there’s your wife. Oh, I mean, your girlfriend.’ So sometimes the humor doesn’t go over as well,” Romo said during the conference call, according to the Kansas City Star.


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