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You can now lie down while using a Meta Quest 3 headset


is rolling out the latest update for and, as always, there are some handy features. From now on, whenever you’re livestreaming to the Meta Quest app, the broadcast will continue when you take the headset off. That should help avoid interruptions. There are some -specific upgrades too, including the ability to use an external mic via the USB-C port, along with resolution and image quality improvements for the passthrough mixed reality feature.

That’s not all, though. Quest 3 users will be able to take advantage of an experimental feature that allows them to make use of the headset while supine. If you enable the Use Apps While Lying Down option from the Experimental section of the Settings, you’ll simply need to hold the menu button to reset your view when you lie down.

As such, you should be able to kick back and relax into immersive media and gaming experiences without having to keep your head upright. Turning your head to see what’s going on elsewhere in the environment might be a bit more of a chore though.

Elsewhere, it’ll now be easier to meet up with friends in , if any of your friends actually use that app. Whenever a buddy is in a public world with their location turned on, you can join them from the People app in the universal menu.


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